Welcome to The Architecture

This work is a very long meditation on archetypes. It was originally an effort to grasp the system of 22 archetypes introduced in The Ra Contact more deeply and in greater detail than I had previously done. My method was to focus on the dynamics that arise when two naturally paired masculine and feminine archetypes interact.

I stopped halfway through when I realized that I insufficiently distinguished them from one another. Even so, what I have written is my own first effort at a system of psychology.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction to the Architecture

Chapter 1: A Modern Myth

Chapter 2: Sex and Gender: The Crisis of Identity

Chapter 3: Absolute and Relative Morality: The Crisis of Direction


Part 2: Archetype Essays (with working titles):

I. The Story of the Story

Chapter 1. Attraction: The Suitor and the Débutante, Part One  Part Two

Chapter 2. Co-Creation: The Mother and the Father

Chapter 3. Education: The Storyteller and the Child

Chapter 4. Marriage: The Bride and the Groom

II. The Story of the City

Chapter 5. Experimentation: The Wild One and the Researcher

Chapter 6. Stewardship: The Warrior and the Lady

Chapter 7. Training: The Tradesman and the Apprentice

Chapter 8. Perfection: The Revolutionary and the Utopian

III. The Story of the Temple

Chapter 9. Awakening: The Outcast and the Wise Old Man

Chapter 10. Counsel: The Seeker and the Confidante

Chapter 11. Spiritual Teaching: The Master and the Acolyte

Chapter 12. Initiation: The Prophet and the Spirit