This is where I post the things I write that can’t really be called academic philosophy, and that haven’t earned their own place in the menus at the top of my page. These writings can all be appropriately called spiritual philosophy, but where they fall along the formal-conversational axis will vary.

– Joseph

The Children: 11. On Forgiveneness

Then a man standing alone said: Speak to us about forgiveness. The next child answered, saying: Forgiveness is not a tool for improving your position with friends and lovers. Neither is it a weapon to use against your enemies. Forgiveness has no sharp edges and no way... read more

The Children: 12. On Science & Technology

A scientist spoke next, saying: Tell us about science and technology. The next child answered: In every age, humankind finds an idol to praise, a statue to grovel before, and a dream to seize when light behind the eyes dims and the daily adventure is a list a chores.... read more

The Children: 13. On Responsibility

A distinguished politician then said: Speak to us about responsibility. The next child answered, saying: You are responsible for what belongs to you and nothing belongs to you unless you take responsibility for it. Blame has no seeds and yields no harvest; indeed,... read more

The Children: 14. On Craving & Desire

A monk then stood and said: Speak to us about craving and desire. The next child answered: Your cravings are your desires condensed into the small and familiar. They are the entire storm condensed into a whistle and splash. There are those of you who feel imprisoned... read more

The Children: 15. On Ritual

Then a priestess said: Speak to us about ritual. The next child answered: Ritual is the tool that transforms the mundane into the magical. But a tool can only serve the purpose of the hand guides it. In the hands of the inattentive, ritual is a tool for completing... read more

The Children: 16. On Convenience

A successful businessman stood and said: speak to us about convenience. The next child answered, saying: Do not give to a machine work that the hand happily does. The machine cannot take joy in its work or care for the details, nor can its yield be imperfect in the... read more

The Children: 17. On Honesty

Then a young woman standing with her parents said: Speak to us about honesty. The next child answered: Honesty is cheaper than cunning. It is sharp and swift as an arrow and just as simple. To tell the truth is not yet honesty, for honesty strives for more than truth.... read more

The Children: 18. On Secrets

The same young woman spoke again, saying: Please tell us more about secrets. The next child answered, saying: There are no secrets as you think of them. You clothe ourselves in your thoughts and bathe yourselves in your feelings. What you do not speak aloud is yet... read more

The Children: 19. On Justice

Then a judge said: Speak to us about justice. The next child answered: Nature metes out justice more vigorously than any human, though it has no interest in schedule. Its judgments are fairer and its mistakes fewer, though it never deigns to explain itself. So trust... read more

The Children: 20. On Fighting

An activist spoke next: Tell us about fighting. The next child answered, saying: There is nothing to fight for and nothing to fight against. When you fight you are the aggressor, and when you defend you are the perpetrator. You fight because you have found an enemy in... read more

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