Then another woman said timidly, her husband blushing: Please tell us about sex.

The next child answered:

Between two who move as one with each other, a gaze into the eye of the beloved is itself an act of lovemaking. What you call “sex” is only its most obvious expression.

Your teachers and their teachings tell you that sex is to be this way or that way. They give you exercises and positions and tell you how and when to experience ecstasy.

But we tell you when you approach your beloved with your mind full of techniques and obligations, your sex is nearly solitary. Your opinions of what sex ought to be are a wall between you and your beloved.

You and your beloved are the instruments of Self, whose song echoes to the distant corners and rallies the despairing. But you cannot make music from the Soul with a mind full of technique.

Your beloved is royalty. But you cannot show your devotion and adoration if you are lost in remembering the steps of the ritual.

There is no one who can say how you and your beloved are to enjoy each other. If teachers bring you their teachings, then look for the morsels that appeal and reject those that repel. If masters suggest disciplines, then let those disciplines ruminate and wait until you desire to learn their disciplines the way you have desired to learn to dance, or build, or play a game.

Sex with an open spirit will draw your body and mind forward into the will of Soul, just as the inmost desires of your heart draw you forward into deeper dedication to your career, your passions, your family.

The love between you and your beloved is the the very breath that sustains the life of your relationship, and sex is the food that nourishes it.

Practice technique and memorize ritual as the musician practices scales and songs: without an audience. And when you perform, practice not.

If technique you would ask of us, then this we say to you:

When you look upon your beloved, see the beauty, glory, power, and gentleness of the Creator.

Let yourself enjoy the touch and feel of your beloved’s body, for even the flesh is holy. Was it not also made by the Creator? Immerse yourself in the physicality of your act if you must—but do not lose yourself. Bodies are part of what we are, but they are not the whole. When you touch your beloved, touch the mind and spirit as well as the body.

Notice that the imperfections of your beloved are the subtle and whimsical nuances in a perfect sculpture from the Creator’s hand. Can you not see that this is so?

Let every moment of intimate ecstasy be pure and brimming with the wonder of the Universe. What more is there to want?

When your lovemaking is finished and you are sighing in contentment, let the intensity that had once filled your body give way to tenderness and generosity, that the wave of your passion may carry your love into the rest of your life and remind you at every moment of the preciousness of your beloved.