One of the parents, who thought to test these children, said: tell us about becoming an adult.

The next child answered:

Adulthood comes not with age, title, visage or achievement. Adulthood gives no outward sign of its graceful authority. The signs of adulthood are security, confidence, and respect as the signs of royalty are the throne, crown, and robe.

Security will hold you fast in the rapids and whirlpools that swim around and over you as you exit your childhood. In security lies the tireless love and support of the Creator.

Security comes not from a steady wage, a reliable mate or a sturdy home. These are but rewards won in the discovery of security. No, security comes from a peaceful union between self and Soul. Self cannot alone provide for itself: self is a traveler who depends for his sustenance upon the generosity of the world around him. Self is a street performer who can only play the role she knows, hoping that her audience will be pleased enough to provide. When in all its endeavors the self trusts its intuition, the voice of Soul, instead of scheming and hoarding, then will security be found. When the self embraces the mystery of Soul as the source of security, then wage, mate and home will arise naturally as the oak from the acorn. Find the throne and your kingdom will be built around it.

Childhood can be recounted as the story of your search for security and adulthood begins with the milestone of its discovery.

Confidence impels you forward though the current moves against you. When self submits its will to the will of Soul, it finds that its stingy dreams pale in comparison to the glorious plan of the Soul. The power of this plan commands without effort and walks among those who yet lack confidence as a bull among steers.

Confidence is the Soul worn as a crown upon the brow of the self. As royalty feels the weight and authority of its ancient lineage, so the self feels of Soul’s infinite majesty. As royalty does not forget its authority even if it were dressed in rags, so confidence remembers its dignity in even the lowliest of chores.

But beware those who confuse confidence for the illusion of confidence. The confident admit their errors and their ignorance, for is not denial of these things lack of confidence itself?

In confidence, there is also boundless respect. An adult, marked by security and confidence, sees the Soul in all others. It greets each as equally royal and bestows its blessing upon all. Respect knows no gain from the loss of another and feels no loss from the gain of another.

So seek your maturity in security and confidence and measure your adulthood by your respect for others. Be ruthless in measuring the respect you give and be indefatigable in your quest for the royal union of self and Soul. Respect for all things large and small transfigures you as the robe transfigures royalty.

For when the storm of youth has run its course, the adult newly born will soon find itself capable of accomplishments to match its confidence. Its projects will be as a testament to the wonder of the Creator. And the adult will say, “In the heart of the Creator have I found a glory unmatched and a purpose unflinching. How can I be any less than a messenger to this glory and a servant to this purpose?”