One of the younger priests spoke first: Tell us, what is the self that seems so illusive?

The next child spoke:

There is You and there is you. Most of you think that you are you without ever learning that ‘you’ is not the same as ‘You’.

That is You which is vast, which drinks your years in a single draught and then speaks words which you would never fathom to have invented.

There is a center in You that turns the whole world around you. It is unmoved, but it sparkles now here and now there as a diamond shimmers in light that changes.

The center of You is the diamond, and you are the light that changes. The center is Soul. And you are the self. Soul finds its joy in the self. And the self is the lens through which Soul sees the beauty and vividness of the glorious world our Creator offers us. The self is to be the instrument of Soul.

Wherever you go, Soul is always within you, for how can you be separate from your soul? Love your Soul as it loves its self: with undying devotion and an innocent willingness to go where it wills. For the will of your Self is grander by far than the will of your self. It does not lose itself in obsessions and infatuations. It is slow burning, like the embers beneath a hearth fire which give the fire its potency and its durability.

Whereas the will of your self is curious, indecisive, passionate, tinkering, and ever so foolish; the will of Soul is firm, enduring, patient. overwhelming, and ever so wise. Soul is not so boastful that it needs to brag of its deeds to your self. Soul communes at all times with the Creator. It knows what it wants and though self may pester it for clues, it speaks to self only what is necessary. For if self knew too much, it would become boastful and over-proud.

Be foolish, for that is what your self must be. Love your foolishness, take joy in it, and laugh when your foolishness lands you in a pickle. If you were only Soul without self, you could never enjoy the laughing surprise of discovering your inconceivable absurdity.

But as you love your foolishness, be not wedded to the whims of your self. The self is as the wind: flitting, playful, but uncertain. Self loves to stake claims about itself and about Soul, but its claims are as sure and lasting as the teams in a game of sport. When the game is over, let go the claims, for Soul is beyond all claims. It is mirthful in the games of self, but is not bound by them.

As your self passes from one game to the next, remember that there is a direction known to Soul. Trust in Soul’s direction, even if the games of self seem opposed one to another.