Academic Philosophy

This is where I post my academic papers, whether published or unpublished.

I have just begun a doctoral program in philosophy at the University of Tennessee. I will be producing lots of academic papers and, as a fan of open-sourcing, I am happy to share them with anyone who is interested.

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Spirituality and Archetype

This is where I post my spiritual writings, which are typically inspired by The Ra Contact, but sometimes they are inspired by Khalil Gibran or Morihei Ueshiba.

This is also where I post my meditations, reflections, and systematizations of archetypes and their corresponding psychology, all of which which is likewise inspired by The Ra Contact.

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Joseph Dartez

Joseph Dartez


In addition to being an academic philosopher, I am also a scholar on the works of L/L Research.

What I Do

The philosophical system expressed through L/L’s major work, The Ra Contact, remains the most elegant I’ve ever seen. My writing, whether academic or not, usually fulfils one of the following goals, all of which revolve around this philosophical system:

  1. To understand as clearly as possible the elements of the philosophical system in The Ra Contact,
  2. To establish a means of testing philosophically significant claims in this system,
  3. To then test the philosophically significant claims in this system,
  4. To expand the details of this system,
  5. To translate it into an academic vocabulary, and
  6. To determine whether the best arguments available support it.

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